May 14, 2009

Daily Total: 41.21 Ride Hours: 04:02

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 11.90u
Corr: 4.80u
Basal: 24.51u

23:20 203cz
21:48 168cz
21:21 124cz
16:23 150cz
12:31 58cz
09:44 92cz
09:16 92cz
07:24 112cz

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 198g

Max HR: 185 BPM
Avg HR: 152 BPM
2772 cals
1960 vertical

Put in a long ride after on the Superfly SS after work today. Lowered my temp basal rate to a 55% reduction at 16:30, and left the Wellness Center at 17:25.

Followed the wet trail hill repeat loop for a little while before heading over to the CHHS trails system. The Chapel Hill North trails where dry and in great shape, btw.

Ride was pretty normal until sundown. Then it turned a bit, um, "unusual". At 20:30 I was pulling back into the trail head on the gravel road from MLK Blvd. The rider's cars that were out there earlier had left. I passed the gate to stop traffic, and flicked my light on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw some weird motion. Turned my head to look and, although weird sounding, I saw 3 mangy wolves about 10 feet off the trail on the woods. Could have been 3 homeless dogs, but my focus was on the one that looked like a wolf. As I road by, I specifically tried not to change pace or cadence. It turned and looked at me. I looked directly back, which put my Seca light beam right in it's face.

They didn't move, and I just kept going. Wolves don't live in Chapel Hill, but I would swear that's what it was.

As they dropped out of view, I picked the pace up and hurried down the double track. At this point I was at a very hightened sence of awareness. I kept looking back to see if the "dogs" where going to come in pursuit. They didn't...

About 5 minutes later I took one long look back to make sure... as I swung my head to look forward again a deer was standing in the middle of the double track about 20 feet in front of me. Brake and swerve!!

The deer began running up the road at little more than my ride pace. It stayed on on the double track for about 3 minutes... just jogging in front of me. Eventually it bounced into the woods. It was cool to trail it for those couple of minutes though... it STUNK! :)

Ripped through some single track for a while, and then headed towards home. The choosen path home brought me down to the double track running next to the creek. I had about 8-10 minutes on the creek before I got to the train bridge, and back on pavement. So I get bomb down the hill and make the left on to the double at speed.... and bham! You know those little itty bitty gnat like bugs that come out in "swarms" at sunset by water? Yeah.. you guessed it... 10 minutes of them. SOLID. Without stop!! It was so annoying. I shut the light way down, and slowly picked my way along the trail. They where everywhere. I had to put my hand up and cover my face in order to breathe... nasty...

Once I popped on to the bridge to cross the creek, as fast as they appeared they were gone.

As I road back to the Wellness Center I had to laugh out loud. Wolves, renegade deer, and an endless swarm of bugs. Not an epic ride... but kinda biblical. :)

Set the pump back to normal basal rate on the way back to the car. Then, switched it down to the normal post ride temp ride (20% reduction) rate.