May 20, 2009

Daily Total: 37.61 Ride Hours: 03:05

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 10.65u
Corr: 1.90u
Basal: 25.06u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 170g

Calories: 1965
Veritcal: 1280ft

After the good folks at Cycling Spoken Here where kind enough to rebuild my Superfly after it's imitation of a submarine at the 12 hours of Fort Yargo, I was able to go and pick it up at lunch today. Man... it looks unridden! The tore it down to the frame and completely rebuild it. I mean, spotless! New cables, housing, etc.

After work I Needed to head out on a little shake down cruise to make sure it was setup and tuned perfect for the 24 Hours of Burn coming up this Saturday. I set my pump down to a 55% reduction as I left work. Parked at the UNC Wellness Center, and rolled out on bike by 17:45.

The weather was just AMAZING. Trails where perfect condition as well.

No adjustments where nessasary (at all) as the bike fit perfectly and ran smooth.

Spent 3 hours riding mostly single track and some fire roads around the area. Summer school started so traffic is picking up again in Chapel Hill. No biggie, I kinda like it that way - busy is more fun!

As I began heading home from the trails, I set my pump back to its normal basal rate. About 30 minutes later, I was back at the car loading up to head for home.

I am going to take Friday off from work to pack and organize myself for the race this weekend. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun. The weather looks amazing - so hopefully it stays that way. Might be the first completely dry race event of the year. Imagine that.

I am trying a new adhesive cover on the Navigator transmitter for this event. Hopefully it will provide it with a little more protection, and allow it to survive. I am 99% sure this will be the ticket. Luckily, with no rain in the forecast, the receiver won't have to be in a ziplock bag.

Starting to get a little nervous about the 24. First one of the year is always provides a little more uneasiness for me. I am physically more prepared then ever, but feel some how less ready. Just need to remember to race my pace - whatever that is - and just take one lap at a time. As long as I am still pedaling come 11:30am Sunday morning, everything will fall into place. :)

The secret is just an "empty box".... or at least that is what I have been told.