April 3, 2009

Car is all packed, and bikes are ready to roll. Going to eat and go to bed pretty soon.

Spoke to Cricket, and she was on her way up to Warrior Creek already. She says there is a boat load of climbing up there, so it should be a great training day.

I am rolling with the single speed and the Superfly, and will determine which class I feel like riding in when I get there. Weather looks GREAT for tomorrow with 70 degrees and sunny.

It did rain pretty hard the past two days though, so the course will be a little slick. If I get there early enough, I will ride some of the course to scope it out. The SS will be soooo much better in the goo. :)

We will know a fair number of folks there, so I am really looking forward to it!

I'm pretty tired, so let me grab my maps, some grub, and some sleep.