February 25, 2009

Daily Total: 43.07 Ride Hours: 02:36

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 15.90u
Corr: 2.35u
Basal: 24.82u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 253g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Out on the HiFi after work today. Weather was decent, and I was happy to get out.

Found this waiting on the trail system I have been riding for the past 15 years.

Yup. A road. Not a good sign.

All in all a good ride.

Energy Expenditure 1547 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 20907 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 86 bpm
Average Heart Rate 138 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 178 bpm
Ascent 1396 ft

At bedtime I set my basal rate to 80% of normal for 6 hours as is post night time ride normal.