October 23, 2008

Daily Total: 41.43 Ride Hours: 02:29

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 12.55u
Corr: 3.10u
Basal: 25.78u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 183g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Last ride before the race began at 18:39 from the Wellness Center parking lot. I set my basal rate back 55% about an hour before. Cold out tonight.. it will take a couple of weeks before I get used to this. :) Yeah, yeah I know... some of you have seen snow already.

No residual effects from the event on Monday. Still working very hard, but trying to get to bed earlier on non ride nights, and just kinda take deep breaths and not attempt to accomplish everything. I am eating a little lite, and my appetite is down a bunch right now. Its all tied together I guess.

Again, very low work output on the ride.

Energy Expenditure 1377 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 18035 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 90 bpm
Average Heart Rate 139 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 178 bpm
Ascent 1024 ft

The event on Saturday is going to be pretty cool. Looks like rain in the forecast, but some big names have registered and will be there.

Before another late bedtime, basal rate down to 80% of normal for 6 hours.