September 6, 2008

Tropical storm Hanna came through here last night and into this
morning, causing some flooding and disrupting our high speed inet
service. Oh yeah, and the power for a while. Hence, I am posting this
update via my iPhone. Hopefully the mobile blogger update technology
works as advertised.

Hanna dropped 4.91 inches of rain on us here, but nothing 110 miles
away in Charlotte. I'm heading there early tomorrow morning for the
SE Regional Endurance Championships. I even had to dig out the USA
Cycling license for this one. :)

I am still coughing up goo, but my last dose of antibiotics was
tonight. So physically I am not sure what to expect. Could be ok,
could feel terrible. No idea. I'm sure I'll be a little rusty as I
was only able to ride once this past week.

I might try a slightly higher basal rate than I normally would run for
a typical endurance event, as I think the pace will be fast. Maybe a
55% reduction for the first 45 minutes then raise it to a 40%
reduction based on heart rate, pace, and BG levels? I think about it
and deceide on the fly. Insulin pumps are awesome huh?

Also, I did insert another Cleo 90 infusion set tonight as a spare..
Just in case. Hopefully not needed, but you know if I didn't I would
need it! :)

Weather should be good, and I am looking forward to a good day on a
great trail!

Just one more...