September 12, 2008

Sorry haven't posted all week. I have just been in "shut down" mode since the race on Sunday. I am STILL (yes) fighting my cold, and am unbelievably tired and run down.

One of the many bothersome side effects of diabetes, is how long it takes me to kick colds, bugs, and the flu. I have been fighting this for over 2 weeks, and even took antibiotics to help. Frustrating!

Figured the week off the bike would be helpful, especially with a CRAZY October coming down the pike. Of course I feel like a slug, but that is a complete other topic.

I am going to try to ride some tomorrow - just some base work for a couple of hours. Then begin to pick it up during the week to get back up to speed (no pun intended).

Have been working on some things behind the scenes. New jersey design is underway - which will go along with a new, premier sponsor announcement. The final details are being worked out, but I will put out a press release as soon as the ink dries. :) Actually the kit isn't completely new, just some mods to layouts and such.

LOTS of events and things related to that upcoming announcement, so make sure to stay tuned!

Kerri Sparling is one of my favorite diabetes related bloggers. On my list of top 5 people I would like to have dinner with some day. Anyway, I read this the other day on her site and I wanted to share: I think its a great writeup for the non-diabetic trying to understand a small fraction of life with the disease.

On a completely different subject, one of my friends who works at the shop (both to remain nameless) came upon a new helmet release announcement from Lazer Helmets. He looked at it and it reminded him of certain face. So he modified the ad, and sent it to the distributor and the manufacture. When I saw it, I laughed until I was crying. It really does look like Gene:

Gotta roll!

Just one more.....