September 29, 2008

Daily Total: 46.40 Ride Hours: 00:00

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 11.70u
Corr: 7.25u
Basal: 27.45u

Daily Carb Intake: 206g

Got in VERY early this morning, and work was a little bit of struggle today. Lots of caffeine on tap.

After I got home from the gig, I was able to take a few moments to relax and think about the great trip to Vegas this past weekend.

The overwhelming thought that keeps popping in my head, is what a wonderful group of people make up the Smiths-Medical diabetes division. Many of them have diabetes, or family members that suffer from the disease. They are all very competent, motivated, and dedicated to what they do. Also, it doesn't take long to see that they work together very well together as a unit. Sometimes very difficult to achieve in today's business world, especially considering how spread out across different territories they all are.

I was truly honored to be a guest in their company at the meeting, and have been invited to speak to the group while there.

My presentation had been pushed up to 7:30-9:00am Vegas time, and I was a little nervous about speaking at that time in the morning. But hey, once I found that the hotel Starbucks opened at 6am, I figured it would be all good to go. :)

I asked both K and my fellow Type1Rider Nancy to call me at 6am to make sure that I was up. It turned out that neither call was necessary as I was awoken at 5:15am by a call from work. The production database was down. I just figured, hey its Monday... what's another thing to do this morning, eh? Truthfully I am not sure I was much help, as I didn't have my laptop, so I could only connect via my iPhone. Anyway...

Got to the coffee shop at 7:10, and to the meeting room a few minutes later. Since I was a little nervous, I did lower my basal rate the traditional 20% when I ordered my beverage. Yes, I have a "Nervous" temp basal rate stored in my Cozmo.

The presentation started at 7:40am, and ran a little over until 9:20. The group was awesome, and they asked some great questions that spawned some good discussion. I think that overall the presentation went very well. Some of the attendees did take the time to speak with me afterward, and that is always a good feeling. Hopefully, the Smiths-Medical folks feel I delivered as expected.

I am hoping the talk went well enough to have the opportunity to make some announcements later regarding doing some more work with Smiths-Medical. Cross your fingers and stay tuned! :)

Tried to jump on an earlier flight to get home, but was denied. My flight left Nevada at 3:55 pacific time, and the landed at 11:25pm eastern time. Not a bad flight, and the desert looks amazing from the air. I set my basal rate back to normal from the 15% addition for my flying setting about 15 minutes before landing.

Got a very busy next couple of days, but more on that later!!