August 2, 2008

Daily Total: 40.42 Ride Hours: 03:58

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 12.30u
Corr: 3.20u
Basal: 24.92u

Daily Carb Intake: 200g

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First day back on the bike after Wilderness. I felt very unlike myself until yesterday. I really put in a huge effort last Saturday. Time to get back to work.

Today's ride was just going to be a long slow distance affair. K and I met some others at a local trail system that we don't get to ride that often. I set my basal rate down to a 55% reduction at 08:24 to prepare for a 9:00 start time (yeah, a little later than normal).

Ride started at 09:18, and I was rolling on the Top Fuel 69er. I put a new Fizik Gobi XM saddle on it during this past week, and I was looking forward to seeing how it felt.

About 90 minutes into the ride, we broke into smaller groups so some could head for home. Pace was VERY low up to this point, and between the correction in the morning and the too low basal reduction I was running very high. I bolused at 10:57 and set my basal rate back to normal for about an hour to correct.

Couldn't re-hookup with the rest of the group, so I finished up by myself. That was ok, as I was able to bring the pace up a little and ride a couple of the loops that I really like.

Basal rate changed back to normal rate at 13:59. BG was at 77. Not bad considering that I wasn't fueling due to the high mid ride.

Energy Expenditure 2900 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 35536 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 101 bpm
Average Heart Rate 149 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm
Ascent 1594 ft

Saddle worked great, and I felt much better when I was done than when I started. Nice to have a great fun ride with some friends.

I did set my basal rate to a 20% reduction for 6 hours at bedtime as I normally do after ride days.