August 10, 2008

Daily Total: 38.58 Ride Hours: 00:00

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 10.90u
Corr: 3.15u
Basal: 24.53u

Daily Carb Intake: 184g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Out on the SS 29er today for one last training effort level ride before racing next weekend. Set the pump down to a 55% reduction at 8:21 in hopes of being out by 09:30. I got started a little late, but was finally rolling out of the Wellness Center parking lot by 09:41. (Actually, not the WC parking lot as their sprint tri was going on. Parked at the business right near by).

Weather was raining on and off during the day, so I just hit the double track at the local CHHS trail system I usually train on. Included some of the hill repeat course, and did two big loops of the combo route with a trip back at the car at the 2 hour mark for water and food refill.

Kept the normal fueling and hydration technique and everything ran smooth. 2 PowerBar Gels per hour, and approx 16oz of H2O.

Energy Expenditure 3069 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 36300 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 94 bpm
Average Heart Rate 158 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 186 bpm
Ascent 2543 ft

On the way back to the car after at the end of my ride, I put my basal rate back to normal. 30 minutes later I was back at the hybrid testing at a 127.

Today was one of the best I have felt on a bike in what seems like a long time. I am REALLY looking forward to The Farm this weekend. I need just to take it easy this week, don't touch any door handles, and get some good nights rest.

I did lower my basal rate to the traditional 20% reduction for 6 hours when I went to bed.