July 19, 2008

Daily Total: 44.60 Ride Hours: 03:15

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 17.55u
Corr: 1.85u
Basal: 25.20u

Daily Carb Intake: 287g

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Well, this might be a first... Two road rides in the same week. Before you know it, my Tri buddies will be hittin' the trails on mountain bikes. Yeah, yeah, I know. Never going to happen. :)

Worked in 3:15 on multiple road rides today. Was pretty fun actually. :)

Forgot to post on the other road ride in the past 48 hours:

Daily Pump Detail Download For July 17

I am one week out from Wilderness 101, and am feeling pretty decent. Will not ride much next week, but just enough to not feel stale.

I am a bit nervous about the race in terms of diabetes related stuff however. You are out there on your own, and that can be/is a bit nerve racking. I know I will good to go, and feel very confident about finishing. Just need to ride steady and smart to get done. Um, duh.

Enough of that already. :)