June 20, 2008

Took the day off today to pack and get things all setup for tomorrow mornings trip to Fisher Farm in Davidson, NC for the 12 Hour Cowbell Challenge.

Since four of us are traveling together, I needed to make adjustments to the racks on the car and make sure all of the kids things where out. We will be packed into that car tomorrow, so no available extra space.

Weather looks bad.. really bad. Calling for rain starting tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. Rain and storms don't really affect me much, but I would much rather ride in blue skies. :)

The amount that goes into the preparation for a 12 or 24 hour endurance race is a amazing. Premake and label all the food, calculate and prepare the hydration, pack the spare wheels, tubes, chains, shoes, helmet, clothes, and all the other small parts, as well as the stand and the tools. Also the lights and light charging systems.

And of course the duct tape. Always bring duct tape!!

Probably won't need 90% of it (well, besides the food and hydration of course), but it is always better to be prepared right?

During the afternoon, I met with Anna from the ADA to talk about the 2009 Tour de Cure. Crazy huh? It JUST ended!! No time to wait, gotta get the ball rolling for the next one.

On the way back work had an issue, and I needed to burn some time working on that. I didn't take a lot of time, but it added a little anxiety to a day that I wished to be totally chill.

Felt a little rushed getting everything done before I headed to bed, but all in all I feel organized (75% of the battle) and ready for whatever tomorrow throws at me. I am registered for the Pro/Open class and know I will get smoked. But hey, it is about blood glucose control and riding at a good rate and pace until the end.

I am very confident that aspect of the race will go well.

As I mention when I am speaking to groups about diabetes, I try to look at all situations presented by this disease and put a positive spin or ascertain an advantage out of them. For example, although I do have to go to the endocrinologist every 3 months for blood work I will end up being healthier than most as I will be able to catch things quicker.

When you deal with a disease such as diabetes, attitude makes all the difference. Although difficult at times, it is so imperative to stay in a positive and productive state of mind for long term treatment success. I try to live my entire life that way, each and every day, in every situation I am in whether related to diabetes or not.

I found this short video which really demonstrates this concept. Take the three minutes and watch this:

Simply Brilliant.