April 1, 2008

I am in the process of migrating my blog over here to Blogger. Basically trying to find a way to get updates to the blog faster, and from anywhere. So starting today, I am now here.

If you are looking for the blog entries from May 2005 until March 2008 just follow this link:


Things have been kinda nuts for me... and I have been busy every waking minute of the day - literally. Trying to squeeze in as much ride time as I can, while maintaining a balance of home and work. Everybody tries to do it, right? I am failing right now though. First big race of the season coming up in 18 days... and I am definitely not ready. Not enough mileage or hours over the past month or so. Funny how mother nature isn't helping with that either. Here in NC we are supposed to be having a drought right? Well it has been raining like mad, and the temps haven't gone up yet either. Come on spring... come on!!

Besides that I am also developing a new online store for Type1Rider. It is mostly done, but I am currently finishing up the testing. Should be deployed late this week, or early next week.

Also, I am close to finishing the info on jersey and bib ordering. A LOT of emails about the subject, which is awesome! So look for a post containing all of that info very soon!

As usual thanks for all the support of Type1Rider.