April 2, 2008

Daily Total: 35.45 Ride Hours: 03:09

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----
23:00 83OT
19:21 96OT
18:22 35g 2.3u
17:14 63OT
13:28 46g 3.0u
12:38 118OT
11:02 155OT .9u
09:20 39g 2.6u
09:15 77OT
07:21 34OT

Not sure what the problem was this morning... just one of those things. Corrected with a Pria Bar which, although only 17g of carbs, worked great!

Very, very busy day in the office today. After work I road bikes with J for a little while, and then had dinner with the family. At 18:33 I set my pump down to a 50% reduction in preparation for a ride an hour later. As it has been raining, and the trails have been, um, "moist", I was just going to ride a little hill repeat loop I made up on UNC Campus. Takes about 25 minutes per loop, but includes one of the bigger road climbs in town. Also, takes me through a trail called Forest Theater. FT is a fairly rocky double-track with some creek crossings. Takes about 10 minutes in the trail, and 15 on the road.

I was dressed and rolling out of the UNC Wellness Center parking lot at exactly 19:30. It wasn't raining and was near 60 when I left on the Kona.

Was supposed to meet Marcy at 20:00 at the Forest Theater Amphitheater, but at 20:05 I rolled out by myself for the first loop. I figured she knew where I was going to be, and she did catch up with me about 30 minutes later.

Was lite on the intake tonight. Only took in 4 PowerBar gels over the course of the ride. Every 50 minutes or so. No water at all (I really need to get some water bottle cages on that Kona eh?). But it was cool.

Super fun ride. Was able to put over 2K feet in over the course of the ride.

Energy Expenditure 1876 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 24215 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 92 bpm
Average Heart Rate 146 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 184 bpm
Ascent 2204 ft

Was back to the truck right around 22:40 or so. Set my pump back to a normal basal rate and headed home. BG was a sweet 83. Good good ride!!

Saw this the other day: http://29ercrew.com/. Looks like the team has filled out, and they have the site up. I will always wonder what could have been... I keep hoping that another oppurtunity comes up somewhere around the next corner. The only thing I can control however is my riding... and that is what I am going to concentrate on.

Just one more!