April 9, 2015

Over the past dozen years I have, in one way or another (or several at time), been a part of the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure event.   I have not only participated as a cyclist, but assisted as an organizer, co-chair member, board member, keynote speaker, wrench, sag wagon staff, and clean-up crew on many Tours around the country.

I have enjoyed serving in all those positions, on all those rides, and have experienced so much performing those diverse posts.

As part of our continued relationship with the Raleigh, NC chapter of the ADA, I am again supporting their upcoming Tour de Cure event.

However, this year as the Type1Rider team sat down with the ADA we brainstormed about other ways to not only promote the only 2 day Tour de Cure in the country, but, spotlight and share the stories of participants in these events.  I really wanted to find a way to tell the stories of not only what it is like to prepare to ride in an event like this, but to explore the personal and heartfelt reasoning WHY these individuals are drawn to the Tour de Cure.

Therefore, starting this week, and following in the weeks leading up to the May 16th & 17th event, we will be showcasing guest blog posts from some of the riders and volunteers participating in this year's event.

Please take some time to read these guest posts, as they are from people cut from the same cloth as ourselves.  Having our live's forever changed by this disease.

Why not visit the NC ADA TdC page to find or start a team of your own for this year's event!

Keep choppin'!!