February 2, 2014

An Open Call to The Diabetes Monster

If you are reading this entry, you probably already know that I have been been blogging and running the Type1Rider organization for going on 8 years now.  You probably also know that my beautiful wife Diane, and a small dedicated team - especially Jen and Thomas - write about diabetes and advocate for the cause via The Blue Heel Society, and the new formed Inside The Blue Circle.

What most of you don't know is that we have another site suite called The Diabetes Monster.  It is a place to blog with a twitter account (@DiabetesMonster) and Facebook page that has been, let's just say, hibernating for about 12 months.

It was originally born with the idea of telling the entire gambit of experiences that individuals have with diabetes.

The proverbial good, bad, and ugly.

We originally had a couple of anonymous and a few named writers who wrote, in full openness and honesty, about wrestling The Diabetes Monster.  To share their full unfiltered stories of anger, frustration, fear, and, sometimes, victories of dealing with this disease.

Recently, with the launch of The Blue Heel Society Magazine format, and Inside The Blue Circle, the topic of the status of The Diabetes Monster has been raised at a few different levels.  We all think that TDM offers a great avenue for giving insight to life with this disease, and can be the starting point of great publication.

What we need is a person - or a group of people - who are willing to create content in this space.  These individuals would be given access to the Twitter feed, the blog, and the Facebook page to make entries as they deem necessary.  People like yourself who are committed to speaking up about diabetes and its effects on your life, and your family, on a frequent basis.

The Diabetes Monster is a unique opportunity to express yourself publicly- or anonymously ghost write  - and tell the world your experiences with The D.  We have the platform and social media all setup, we just need to add your voice.  

If you are interested in writing, or just want more details, please send me an email at tony@type1rider.org. All communication will be handled in the utmost confidentiality.

Thanks so much, and I hope to hear from you soon!