June 12, 2013

I saw these bikes outside a fast food place during my travels last week. The kids riding these bikes where between the ages of 10-12, with dirty shoes, and mud splatters on their jeans and backpacks. They where pooling together some cash in order to get some snacks & drinks.

Seeing them brought me way back to when I was a kid riding the "Municipal Lot" on Lacey Road. Me on my red, white, & blue Redline Proline 1 & Jon Lomer (who would ride over from the other side of the lake) on his black and gold Mongoose with those sick MotoMag rims.

We would ride "all the way" up the Harrison Ave. hill to the "Lot", and ride back and forth all dang across the dusty, dug out site working on our jumping skills while working out life's "problems".

Riding was what we did all day. Everyday.

Our bikes were just plain fun. Our transportation. Our statement. Our freedom. Our expression.

Riding was simply about joy.

We were just like these kids I saw this day.

Sometimes, I really miss those days.

I really do.