May 8, 2013

Press Release

We are very happy to formally announce The Type1Rider Organization Founder/CEO Tony Cervati is one of the featured Chapter contributors in Dr. Bev Adler's NEW Book "My Sweet Life: Successful Men With Diabetes".

 My Sweet Life: Successful Men With Diabetes is a collection of life stories - each chapter written by a highly respected and successful man with diabetes, Beverly S. Adler, PhD, CDE (Editor) has collected 25 amazing men with diabetes who accomplish amazing things every day. Foreword by Steven V. Edelman, MD.

In this ‘invitation only’ collection of Stories, Tony writes about living his life to the fullest while maintaining as much control over diabetes as possible. In Tony’s Chapter titled ‘Just Keep Choppin' , there is a story about when Tony was just diagnosed where Cervati recalls “My mom was very upset, and, before we left the office for the Paul Kimball Hospital, asked the question "What if kids in school bring in cupcakes for their birthdays?". Dr. Calderone answered matter of factly, "Let him eat cake". It didn't dawn on me until decades later just how wise and encouraging those simple words were.” 

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