April 9, 2013

Training Hours: Ride: 01:33 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 52.60 units
Bolus (50%) 26.20u
Basal: (50%) 26.40u

Today proved to be a another fantastic example of the affects of exercise has on BG control.

I spent the day working, and, although extremely busy, nothing very much out of the ordinary occurred.  We headed to a lunch meeting, and my BG was 162 at 13:03.

I obviously miss "SWAG'd" a lunch meeting meal, and by 15:12 I was way up at 289.  I bolused, and rechecked 2 hours later.  Still 316.  PFFFTTTTTT.

My normal cal'd bolus for this BG would normally be a tick over 4 units.  I had the opportunity to get out a bike after work, and didn't have the time to set a temp basal rate early enough.

So... I only bolused 1u for that 316, and, 60 minutes later I was heading out for ride.

It was a very spirited ride, and I was able to find some off road trails with a good, rocky, steep, rooty climb to attempt.  (I didn't clean it all btw - but it sure was fun)!

The ride only lasted 90 minutes, before I was back. I took in no carbs during the ride.  (Mostly as I was smiling way to much).

My BG was 78 at 18:43.

So, with 1u and 90 minutes of exercise, my BG dropped 238 mg/dLs.

As the evening drove on my BGs where 110 and then 112 before bed.  Another interesting data point of note, is the 50/50 balance of bolus to basal.  It just doesn't get any better than that.

An amazing real life example of how important exercise is to insulin sensitivity, BG control,  and overall positive influence on the health of someone with diabetes.