December 15, 2012

With the great news earlier this week about the FDA (finally) approving the next generation OmniPod system, my friends at Insulet sent me some photos of the new goods! I am totally stoked, and just couldn't wait to share the images and info!!  

It's easy to see that the new pod is smaller.  How much smaller? A lot!!

The new Pod is 34% smaller, 25% lighter and 16% slimmer (but still holds up to 200 units of insulin).
Same tubeless, waterproof system... just lighter and smaller.  Nice!!
The communication distance between the PDM and Pod during regular use has been increased.
I cannot wait!!  

Another cool feature is that the new Pods have a new feature called a ‘pink slide.’ When the cannula deploys correctly, it pushes a piece of pink plastic to be visible through a new, second window on the top of the pod’s surface.  Users can now use this together with the regular viewing window for added confirmation to investigate correct insertion when applying a pod.

There are some really awesome and useful changes to the PDM as well!

First, the PDM status screen now always shows details about your current insulin on board (IOB). Correction and meal boluses are used to calculate your IOB when the suggested bolus calculator is on. This is a great addition to the status screen.  

The new Pods will not work with an old PDM and vice versa.  Customers will receive a complete new System, including a new PDM. Insulet will be honoring existing warranties for current OmniPod users and simply switch out your System for a new one. Customers who are under a current warranty will not have to go through a new insurance benefits investigation.

The folks at Insulet will be contacting customers and giving them plenty of notice when it’s time for them to transition to the new system.  It should be a VERY EASY process.

For more information, and any new updates, check out!! 

I cannot wait!!