November 5, 2012

I was doing some tabulations about my history with Type 1 tonight as Facebook posts for Diabetes Month. After posting about my having diabetes for more than 13,100 days I got a few great questions that needed answers. I thought I should put them here....

61500: The number of units of inulin ranging from Beef & Pork R, to Lantus, to Novolog I have injected into my body over those years.

Sometimes too much.

Other times not enough.

Hoping & working towards not needing a 1/2 million more.

10400: Approximate number of times (give or take a 1000 or two) that I have tested my BG using one technology or another.

2555: Number of days I have been on pump therapy. Also, the number of days I have celebrated no longer needing to take shots to deliver insulin.

2: High School track coaches I had that also had Type 1.

1: The number of times a guy told me "I can smell someone who has diabetes. You don't have it".

0: The number of times I felt like these disease would beat me.

Unfortunately, also the exact number of cures for Diabetes.

Still here.

Still choppin'.


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