October 1, 2012

Time has passed quickly since my 2012 Tour Divide attempt ended back in July.  During that time period I was honored to be asked to write for Insulet Corporation the makers of the OmniPod on their very newly launched Suite D blog.

Myself and the team from Insulet figured the best way to kick this relationship off was to chronicle my Tour Divide adventures this year on their new platform.  

I couldn't be more thrilled!!

Although it took a bit longer for me to complete the entries than I first thought i tmight, Part 1 of a week long series of posts (6 in all) is out today.  The other 5 parts will be published, one or two a day, for the rest of the week.

Thank you for ALL the support and encouragement you have provided to me while I prepared for, and raced in, this history making event.