July 12, 2012

As I sit here with Diane back in Boston, I cannot even begin to express my emotions from the outpouring of message of encouragement, love, and well wishes from one and all.

The DOC is truly an amazing family. One I am blessed to be part of.

Although my foot is broken, I am awaiting a MRI in the next day or two, and I didn't achieve my goal of reaching the termination of the Tour Divide route I still feel successful.

I had 5 main goals for this years event:

- Pedal out of Banff, AB CA

- Get passed the place where I almost lost my life last year

- To reach the US in 2 days

- To get to the Mexico / NM border

- Raise awareness of all types of diabetes during the event

Four out of five of those goals have been completed. And for that I am grateful and happy.

Over the next couple of days I will be writing in more detail about the best aspects of this event - and there were tons - on this blog. There is much to share.

For this evening I really wanted to express my deepest thanks for always being there for me, especially over the past two years of Tour Divide attempts.

I am blessed to know the members of the Diabetes Online Community and am honored to be one of them.

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