June 20, 2012

Received delivery notification this morning, and went home at lunch to grab a pair of very important shipments.

The first was a shipment of OmniPods from the good folks at Insulet.  ALWAYS, glad to see them in the FedEx box.  Thanks!!

The second, and slightly more exciting, was from REI.  I had ordered a replacement water filtration system for the Tour Divide trip.  Luckily they had it in stock and sent it out right away.

I use a product from a company called Sawyer.  The system is very dependable and very light (3oz total with the 16oz container) and compact. It consists of a small filter that screws onto one of 3 different sized bags that they include.  The water bags are 16, 32, or 64 oz.

You simply dip the bags into a water source, and let them fill.  Then you screw the filter on to the end of the bag.  You drink right from the end of the filter.

Another option, that they just moved forward with this year, is two "ends" that screw onto the filter to allow it to be fitted inline in a water reservoir tube.  Same idea... dunk 100oz water  reservoir into the water source, and then drink strait through the hose attached to the filter.

So simple and quick.  

Plan will be to use the 100oz  reservoir stored in the frame bag as the main water source, and carry the 64oz bag and 32 oz squeeze bag to port more.

For a backup I am going to carry the usual suspects: Iodine and Taste-Neutralizer Tablets.  This way I am covered with the smallest and lightest setup.

I am still in need of getting my Superfly back with the Carbon rigid fork installed and the brake cable length adjusted.  Hopefully tomorrow.  This will give me a few days to finish shaking it down, before I box it up for it journey to Banff.

Will be going out for a ride on some sweet single track after work today on the HiFi, and get some goot interval work in.  Time is ticking fast, and although I am starting to over think (nearly everything), it really is all coming together. 


Keep choppin'!!!!