May 21, 2012

Training Hours: Ride: 03:47 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:

Daily Insulin Totals: 44.05u
Bolus (47%) 20.85u
Basal (53%) 23.20u

After driving the kids to school in the morning, and checking in at work for a few hours, I raced home at lunch to grab the Superfly. Last night I loaded up the bag and the pack, and figured to get in a good 4 hours of riding in today.

I set my first 65% reduction temp basal of the day at 11:00am as I was in the office and preparing for my noon time return trip.

Once I got home I grabbed a quick lite bite just to have something in my stomach, and bolused at the normal pre-ride ration of 1:20 (instead of the normal 1:15).

The ride back to the gig was perfect, and the weather could not have been any better. When I got back to the office, my BG was a solid 88 at 13:14.

I have been using the GPS extensively lately, and it showed a decent pace of 13.78mph on the way back in. Fully loaded on the mtb, I was pretty pleased with this.

The post work training ride was pretty much the same. I set my 65% reduct temp basal a little late, only around 15:55, and it caught me out a few hours later during the ride with a BG of 57 at 18:21.

I did find a pleasant place to stop and correct that BG though.

After a slight delay (extended by the work emergency on-call pager going off) the rest of the ride home was perfect.

I arrived back at my place with a BG of 84, and it was 19:34.

Averaged just at the 13.5mph mark for the 47 miles or so I covered today. Travels included road, single track, fire road, and bike path with just shy of 3K of vertical in total.

Once I got changed I was, however, just overcome with exhaustion. It's been a fairly busy couple of weeks.

Good weeks... but busy.

I shut it all down and was in bed with a standard post ride overnight temp basal of 85% at 20:43. My BG was a 175, and although I follow the 150 rule during a situation like this, I just left it uncovered.

Thinking more about TD lately. My hip is coming along, and I am trying very hard to stay relaxed about the situation from last year. I am in someways WAY more prepared than last year, and yet, in others, not quite as prepared.

I need to focus simply on starting, just like all of us with diabetes do each and every morning, and enjoying the fact I am riding my bike.

Which I have done for MILLIONs of miles before.

Which I enjoy more than almost anything.

Which never gets old.

Keep Choppin' everyone.


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