April 18, 2012

Interesting ride into the gig today...

A little Chrysler sedan did not stop at the red light,  and that there was a no turn on red sign as well.

I tagged his driver door with the shifter and then, after coming to a near complete stop,  toppled over.

Any damage you can fix with a good couple of pushes and pulls is really a "non-event".  The guys at Trek Raleigh are just going to love me.  :)

BTW - I don't ride with my fast acting regular soda in my bottle cage, but some things fell out of my outer section of my bag -  Mountain Dew included.  So I just through it into my cage to ride the 1/4 mile in.

No harm, no fowl.  I am uninjured.  Completely, uninjured.

Not upset about it at ALL actually.  I am thankful to be unscathed, and that my bike is not too messed up.

I am not sure what the mindset of the person driving the car was... maybe someone he loved was in a critical situation in the ER,  or maybe he was driving himself to receive emergency medical treatment.

No judgement.  I hope his troubles are temporary and he finds relief and peace.

All in all, still a GREAT ride in.... weather was good this morning.  Probably going to be raining on the way home.  I brought my rain gear with me, so I am actually looking forward to it.

Riding is a gift.

Keep choppin'!!!