April 9, 2012

Got a new office mate today....

As the weather is taking a major turn towards, perfect,  the miles and hours are beginning to pickup a bunch.  Left the CX at home today an road in on the Superfly to test out some tire combos, and the placement of the bar-ends and control positioning.

Hopefully, I will be close to 4 hours of saddle time today before I get home before dark tonight.

I am trying to find a good balance between useable on the street and still very successful on the fire roads and dry single track we have in the area now.  It seems that the Bontrager Team Issue 29-3 in 2.0 size on the back and the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 on the front make for a good mix.  It rolled pretty well on the 12 miles of blacktop on the way in today. I am running them tubeless, btw.

We have some wind moving through the area tomorrow, so it will be a great day to test the positioning of the bar ends.... we shall see.

I have just set a temp basal of a 65% reduction for 5hrs in preparation for the ride home tonight.  I am going to loop through the Chapel Hill North Forest, so I will get a good mix of road and single track.  CAN'T WAIT!!  :)

I hope everyone is having a GREAT day...  I can't wait to get outta here in about an hour to go for a ride!

Keep Choppin'!!