February 19, 2012

So this weekend I was able to witness one of life's simply wonderful events.

I watched someone ride a "ten speed", a road bike, for the first time in about 20 years.

No pictures taken.

No video shot.

Even with iMax or a 16mega pixel SLR the sheer brilliant joy of the moment couldn't have been captured. Nothing could have been able to accurately document it all.

The laughter.

The smile.

The lite tears from the cold air slightly stinging the eyes while riding fast.

From my remote vantage point the reaction was etched into my soul, and was truly a moment I will carry with me forever.


Bicycles are toys. Toys.

At their most basic, that is what they are.

But the power of the bicycle is AMAZING. It can indeed change the world, and change lives.

It has once again changed mine.

Ride your bike today. Just even around the block or over to a neighbor's house to say "hello".

I bet it changes you.


Tell me how it goes..... I'll be back after my ride.


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