October 1, 2011

Was in MA today to participate in the JDRF Boston Walk.   The Boston event is at an amazing venue along the Charles River.  We headed over early in the AM on the T.

One of the coolest features of Boston Public transportation is the new Hubway.   They have placed these bike stations all over the city, and they are available for use by anyone.

I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to see SO many individuals, of all ages, using this method of transport.  A very reliable and affordable method for getting around the dense city.

Another thing that stood out along the river is the boating clubs that are based there.  There where public sailboat races happening, and crewing is very popular.  There is a place right on the river you can rent boats to sail or crew.

The crowd of teams of walkers where already amassing as we arrived at the venue.  Although there where so many folks there, you really got a sense that everyone was bonded together.  A family of distant relatives all excited to see each other and share experiences.  You could truly feel the camaraderie and understanding of everyone in attendance.

It was very special.  It truly was.  I was amazed.

Another wonderful thing about these events is the ability to get caught up with Facebook friends, both new and old.  Seeing some folks in person for the first time, and sharing some fun with some know for a while.  I had a great time hanging out with The Diabetes Dude and his family for a large part of the festivities.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of these diabetes family events, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  It allows everyone a chance to see, to really see, that we are not alone and that we are indeed all in this together.

Thanks Boston!!