June 22, 2011

Going over last details for first 6 days of Tour Divide. Mapping target towns for each day, confirming routes and reroutes, and fine tuning the packing.

I am trying not to let "fear" of the unknown in terms of diabetes control dictate my packing. How much fast acting do you need for 12-14 hours in the saddle?? LOL!!

I have also managed to get ALL of my diabetes supplies into on small Pelican case. In this box is 3 vials of humalog, a pediatric humalog pen, 5 OmniPods, 2 pod filling needles, my spare PDM, a bunch of Skin Tac Wipes, and 150 test strips.

The advantages the OmniPod presents is CLEARY visible. So much less stuff.

I am carrying a GPS with the course on it, but navigation will be done via the Adventure Cycling Assoc. maps and the substitute re-route cues provided by Tour Divide organizers.

I am also becoming more aware of my seemingly MOST important piece of equipment:

My bear bell. DO NOT STARTLE bears. :)

I am under 18 hours to go before I role out of Banff. I hope to be back in the US (God willing) by Saturday night. From there, just day by day right?? :)

I am hoping to do one last TwitCast before bed tonight.

Thanks again everyone. This will be some adventure. :)

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