May 24, 2011

Training. When does one train, when one works full time, parents two active young boys, and runs a non profit organization designed to encourage people whose lives are affected with Type 1 Diabetes to live life to the fullest? Well, on Monday, you don't...Tuesday, after work, before dinner, between the twit cast and the video shoot for the JDRF, and well into the night past most bedtimes.

That is the schedule our friend is living with today and everyday. Training. NOT enough hours in the day to train.

Taproot Films is at a flurried pace capturing every move Tony is making, and interviewing friends and family and watching the clock....tick....tock....sixteen days.

Tony is in the final stretch of preparations and the heat is on. He is attempting  to shore up any last minute details with his personal affairs while he is on the trail, and in constant contact with Trek Raleigh to procure the final pieces of equipment needed and to prepare his bike,  which I have coined "Buck" for shipment.

Next on the to do list:  MAPS. Much time is needed to prepare this trip and mapping out lodging, bike repair shops, water locations, food, and postal stops to recieve much needed diabetic refills is crucial and far behind in the planning stages at this point. Tony is feeling the pressures of his time contraints and want everyone to know that while he is certainly no stranger to pressure, this is stress like nothing he has experienced before. He is certainly concerned that time IS the enemy.

More to follow....expect updates regularly. And follow along on Juvenation, the JDRF advocacy blog starting in June to see Tony's progress.