May 31, 2011

Training Hours: Ride: 02:39 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 38.99 units
Meal: 14.20u
Corr: 2.90u
Basal: 21.89u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 228g

After work I headed over to the UNC Wellness Center so I could get changed and head out for a short training ride.  I set a temp basal rate of a 60% reduction at 16:30 and was hoping to be out on the Superfly by 17:30.

It was VERY hot today - true air temp of 98 and high humidity.  I was going to ride with my new Osprey pack, but deceided against it as it was just too warm to try anything new.

I was running the Superfly mostly loaded.  I have taken off the aero clip-on bars as I could barely reach them with the length of the top tube.  I tried adjusting them, but they just didn't work. So off they came - just something not usable that added weight.  I will be adding a pair of Ergon grips with built in bar ends to give me another riding position.

I mounted my bottle cages to my fork legs using Elite VIP Universal 22-50mm Cage Mounts.  Road with these today using 24oz bottles.  They worked great, but I need to tighten them up just a touch.  They moved a little bit (like 2mm).  Easy to reach and easy to use.  Perfect.

Tried to stay on the nutrition, but it was just too hot.  About 75 mins in my BG had fallen to a 62.  I reached for some fast acting (my stand-by M&Ms), but they had literally melted to nearly unusable.  I was able to lick a little chocolate out of the wrapper, but that was about it.

In order to correct and raise my BG, I suspended insulin delivery for 90 minutes.

This worked great!  I re-initiated delivery about 20 minutes before getting back to the Wellness Center, and, once arriving there at 20:38, my BG was 89.  Perfect.

I delivered a post ride bolus of 3.1u in order to prevent the normal BG spike that occurs post ride, and headed home to get some dinner.

During my TwitCast earlier today, I had mentioned that I have postponed my Tour Divide start by 2 weeks.  Basically this was the result of discussion with the race promoter (Matt Lee) and some of the veteran racers who are returning to attempt Tour Divide again.

During this winter the rockies got an unprecedented amount of snow fall.   The powers that be at Tour Divide are reporting that certain passes in Canada, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado have upwards of 15' of snow still on them.  They are busy rerouting parts of the race to avoid these areas, and are concerned about the amount of snow and flooding.

I received a personal email from Matt Lee part of which read "The snow situation is so bad riders are going to be postholing for MILES at time. So much is unknown. Flooding is a big concern. Bridges may be out. Just this morning I got news that the route between Lincoln and Helena is buried. I am scrambling to create detours all over the place. I am afraid 2011 Grand Depart is going to be a disaster. If I were you, I would seriously consider delaying your start".

Given these statements and the actions of other veteran racers, I decided to wait two more weeks.  This provides a greater degree of safety for me and will elevate at least a smidge of pressure off of the race organizers.

How is this possible?  Well there are two options for racing Tour Divide.  The first is the Grand Depart which was my original plan.  The racers leave Banff on June 10th at 9:00am in a mass start. 

The other less used option is known as ITT-Divide.  This is basically an Individual Time Trail of the Tour Divide race route.  The organizers are notified of your start time and location, and, using the same SPOT device tracking method used during the Grand Depart start, track your progress.  This is the method I am racing the TD under.  More details about this can be found on the Tour Divide ITT-D page.

So I leave for Canada on June 20th, and I begin my Tour Divide race on Friday June 24th at 07:00am.

Everything else remains the same.  Exactly the same. 

Same rules. 

Same route. 

Same challenge.  

Slightly different start date.

Thank you for the continued support and encouragement.  It is so appreciated - I just can't tell you how much.