May 5, 2011

Happy Thursday to all!

Training is at fever pitch. Every workout and ride, every meal, every wink of sleep, or LACK of at this juncture, is critiqued and combed over for fine tuning. Tony is meeting with his nutrition team, his primary care physicians and his endocrinology team more often to ensure all systems are GO!!

Supplies, long since ordered, are slowly trickling in. The next steps, including mapping his ride, and taking the loaded bike out, are in the works and he is hopeful and remaining positive, in spite of less than desirable weather and an unfortunate gastro illness that has rendered him "off the trail" for a bit.

The powers that be at Taproot Films have started a website designed to provide information for the newly dubbed documentary:

Type1Rider, the film

Please visit the website at for details and find out how YOU can help and be a part of this historic ride!

Thank you again for all of the positive messages and the support for He appreciates the love and friendship tremendously! Keep Choppin'!!