March 17, 2011

Training Hours: Ride: 02:01 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 48.15 units
Meal: 18.00u
Corr: 5.80u
Basal: 24.35u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 238g

After a busy, but yet somehow unproductive day in the office, I set a temp basal of a 60% reduction at 16:31 while walking out of the office.  My BG was low, 57, so I took in some simple carbs w/ a little fat to back it up.  Figured to be on the bike by 17:15-17:30 on this 75F day, so there was time to effectively correct that.

Although I was supposed to stay in a base HR range (140ish), today I needed to let my hair (have you seen my picture? LOL) hang out.  Jumped on the Superfly Single Speed, and, according to my workout notes, "flat out attack of all dry trails and jumps in my Line Of Sight.  Laughed my head off for 2 hours".

Basically threw the workout plan in the trash.  Had a complete BLAST!!  A great ride!!

Headed back towards the UNC Wellness Center a tick before 19:30, and set my basal rate back to its normal rate.

Not a lot (read any) nutrition taken in during this ride as the pace was frantic.  I did consume one full 20oz bottle of my custom Maltodextrose / electrolyte mix.  About 25-30g of Carbs in that bottle.

Ride ended right before 20:00 and my BG was at 79.  Burned 1719cals and put in 1400ft of vertical.  Not ideal by any means, but an unbelievably wonderful ride anyway.

Also, got to rock the new full Trek 29er Crew kit today as well.  Always love that!!

Headed home to a treat - a dinner delivered all the way from the North East.  One of the kindest gestures I have ever received.  Thank You!

When I hit the hay, I set a standard overnight post ride temp basal rate of 75% for 6 hours.

Totally have spring fever.... these temps are so addicting.  Warmer weather coming :)