January 1, 2011

Training Hours:
Ride: 04:09
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 40.08 units
Meal: 12.50u
Corr: 5.45u
Basal: 22.13u

 Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 241g

The weather here in NC continues to be "challenging" in terms of precipitation, and temps.  It was much, much warmer today, near 65, and ALL the iced over rain and snow on the ground melted during the rain over the past 12 hours.  Everything, everything, is soaked.  I would be the local single track is going to remain closed until February.  :)

I figured I would put time on the 2010 Superfly on the Chapel Hill wet trail rain loop, and the double track at Chapel Hill North.  I set my basal rate to a 60% reduction a bit before noon, and was headed out with just leg/arm warmers and a light bast layer at 12:45pm from the UNC Wellness Center.

The plan was to meet our friend Karla, and her "Christmas Present" Trek WSD X-Caliber 29er for a maiden ride, at 13:15-13:30 near the tracks by the Unity Church.  Karla is a tri-athlete at heart, whom was looking to spent more time on the mountain bike.  She had one, but after a 29er preaching by yours truly, she has converted.  Another one one on the "Dark Side".  :)  I even got her to ride over the train tressel on that new bike.  (Um, maybe I wasn't supposed to mention that for Tracy's sake?).

he ride was pretty good, but the all the double track was extremely wet and muddy.  It was odd as it was all "surface mud", but it was flying everywhere.  Again, so singletrack was injured during today's ride.  ALL double track (that cars and town utility vehicles can use) and fire roads.

I tried to really limit my nutrition on the bike today, as part of a new experimental period to figure out exactly how little intake I can use during Tour Divide and how to manipulate the pump to achieve that goal.  So, today, over the 4 hour ride I consumed only 50g of carbs.  I ended up with a basal rate of 85% reduction for the final 3 hours on the bike.

It worked VERY well, as my BG ended up at 112 at 17:00.  The post ride bolus to prevent the BG spike was given at 75% of what I normally would have, and the BG were 118, 119, and 90 into the evening.

Spot on.

On the way back to the car near the ride end I saw these 3 cool older cars on Franklin Street.  I think it was a Cobra kit, but there was also a Vette and a Trans Am.  About 3 minutes later they ended up passing me as I rolled out of town towards home.  They all sounded great!