January 29, 2011

Training Hours:
Ride: 03:31
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:56

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 35.69 units
Meal: 8.60u
Corr: 4.20u
Basal: 22.89u
Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 144g

This weekend was scheduled to the HILT, so all activities were slammed together back to back to back.  The weather was perfect however, and you just got to put your head down and get it done.  :

At 08:15 I tested the BG and was sitting at a 60.  I needed to get started with my strength work before 09:00 and on the bike by 09:45.  Since I was at a "sub-optimum" (like that tag) number I went ahead and set a temp basal rate of 1 60% reduction at this time.

My thought was the shorter more intense resistance session combined with the 30 minute earlier setting of the temp basal would lead me to a more acceptable ride start BG.  I didn't take in any carbs at this time.

I finished up a decent workout, got changed, and headed out on the bike at 09:47.  Last thing I did was re-test and I was at a 100.

That worked perfectly.

With the trail conditions in question, and all single track still closed, I just took the 2010 Superfly and road 2 loops of the tradition Chapel Hill Wet Trail Rain Loop (can't help but think of Marcee when riding here).

I stayed true on the normal ride nutrition today since I was a little lower this morning.  20oz of water mixed with my custom blend of Nuun and Maltodextrose per hour, and 25cG via a perfomance bar product.

While riding on Mt. Bolus Road (nope not kidding), a road I have used a TON, I noticed a fairly big bamboo field.

It looked like I was riding in the Pacific somewhere.  There were pretty large for NC.  I think. Maybe it's normal, but I was amazed.

I saw this on and IN the ground. I can only hope it is a bamboo root.  Or its an extraterrestrial life form.  Either way - looks scary.  :)

Got back to the truck at 13:15 and tested right at the on bike target of 150.  I did do a post ride bolus of 4.2u to correct the 150 and prevent the normal post long ride BG spike.

Sometimes, you just have to keep choppin away no matter what.  The ride and the training day turned out pretty well, even though it didn't look that way at 08:15 this morning.  :)

I set the normal post ride over night temp basal of 75% when I hit the hay.