January 9, 2011

Training Hours:
Ride: 01:48
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:58

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 38.91 units
Meal: 9.70u
Corr: 5.00u
Basal: 24.21u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 149g

Although the plan was to go easy and rest this weekend, I thought with the impending snow/ice "Apocalypse" on Tues and Wed of this week it would be prudent to do as much work as possible this weekend.  Of course the weather and trail conditions made that process less then perfect, I did get some quality work in today.  (When I say work, I actually mean, "play time").

I set a temp basal rate of 60% right at 11:00 in the hopes of being in the bike by noon, following some weight training.

I fell a little behind, and only arrived at the UNC Wellness Center at 11:10 or so.  Although I wanted to rush out and ride the new Superfly, I did get in a very high quality hour of upper body strength work.

This delayed me slightly to getting on the bike, but I was still all suited up for sub freezing temps and pedaling at the Lake Crabtree trail system by 12:40 or so.

It was VERY difficult to get in ANY nutrition during the ride.  It was only about 20 minutes in when the top of my water bottle was frozen over.  Added to that, the performance bar I was carrying was frozen solid. I could have driven nails with it.  :)  With this in mind, I set my temp rate back a little more to a 70% reduction.

The ride was varied paced as I did stop to make small adjustments in the fit of the new Superfly every once and a while.  So it was a full out sprint for 20 mins, followed by a 3 min stop.  Spring for 15 minutes, stop for 2 minutes.  Etc....

I must say, I had my mind COMPLETELY BLOWN by how utterly fantastic that new Superfly is.  I have racing on a Superfly hard tail since 2009, and this new one is simply perfect.  Especially since I have yet to break it in, dial it to my liking, and get the fit spot on.  WOW.  Just an impressive bicycle.

First time riding the 2x10 drivetrain as well.  Also very, very cool and a perfect match for the 29 inch wheels on this bike.

I love this bike!!

Now if the weather would just co-operate and let stuff dry... my guess?  3-4 weeks out.  :)

As I passed the 1 hour mark on the trails, I set my basal rate back to the 100% normal.

I got to the end of the ride, and my BG was a 149.  PERFECT!!

I did an end of ride 4u bolus to intercept the normal post ride BG spike.

Later on in the afternoon we had a great birthday party for my 3 year old.  A very good day!

Lots of things are in work!  Had a very positive meeting on Friday that put a great relationship in place for '11-'12.  It is something I had been hoping for, and something I am very proud to work with and towards.

Looking forward to getting a few more items done in the next 30 days.  At that time, we will be heading to the North Carolina mountains weekly for  multi day rides and mountain training.  Too bad I still need to work, huh?  :)  LOL!

150 days left until the start of Tour Divide.  Wow, that is making me break out in a cold sweat.  :)

I appreciate all the kind emails and messages!!  I look forward to meeting some of you next weekend in Charlotte at the JDRF Family Event!

Thanks Again!!