December 30, 2010

Training Hours: Ride: 02:09
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: xx.xx units
Meal: 14.00u
Corr: 1.70u
Basal: 23.37u

 Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 178g

As I headed over to the UNC Wellness Center after work, I set a temporary basal rate of a 60% reduction in preparation for a ride.  The weather has been warming up to normal temps, and everything frozen over has melted.  So it was once again the Chapel Hill Rain Loop that was to be our route.

Our?  I was fortunate enough to catch up my good friend Greg Smith who was down with going me on the wet, muddy, chilly ride (although he didn't wear gloves which made me nuts as my hands and feet were kinda cold).

We left the parking lot right at 17:30.  The ride was good and the company was great. I hadn't seen him in a while, so it was good to chat with him as we road (which made lots of mud end up in my mouth.  LOL!)

The hard things about training in this weather is that it stays very tough to keep up with the standard nutrition plan.  The performance bar was solid and the Nuun and maltodextrose mixed water was ice, ice cold.

I did fall behind, and ended up back at the car at 19:39 having taking in only a tooth damaging bit of a performance bar.

Greg and I came up with a crazy competition (to be completed sometime in the future) to see who could ride longer and farther with out ANY nutrition.  Now Chris at Endurance NEWTrition is dialing the phone as she reads this, I think it is a great idea.

Truthfully, a insulin dependent diabetic SHOULD have an advantage in a duel like that.  :)  Shhhh.  Don't tell Greg.  :)

BG when I got back to the car was an 80, and I bolused 3.75u to prevent the usual post ride BG spike.

When I finally went to bed, I did set an over night post ride temp basal of 80% for 6 hours.  This eliminates the over night lows that would occur following an early evening ride.

Just some strength training tomorrow, and then a 4hr ride both Sat and Sun.  Temps on those days will be 65 and 55 respectively.  Anyone in for an MTB ride?  :)