August 8, 2010

Ride Hours: 06:21

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 42.67 units
Meal: 10.75u
Corr: 11.65u
Basal: 20.27u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 185g

In order to try and beat the heat, as well as be able to spend some time with my family during daylight hours, I set my alarm for 06:45 to get out for high volume training day early.  I set a temp basal of a 70% reduction spot on at 07:00, and the plan was to be on the bike by 08:00.

I was out the door and parked at the UNC Wellness center by 07:55.  BG was at a 162 - no correction needed as it was close enough for government work to my riding target of 150. 

As planned on the bike right at 08:00.  The only negative of today's ride was that my Apple headphones crapped out about 08:15.... so nearly 6 hours of riding left with no music.  Pfftt!

The first half of the training ride was ride on target.  20oz of water (with my custom Maltodextrin and Nuun mixture) and 20g of additional solid nutrition (energy bar, Custom Choice Cereal granola based, etc) per hour.  When I arrived back at the car for my refill at 11:40 my BG was a solid 114.

The second half was a little tougher, especially hours 4-5, as the temps got very high.  I stayed in my target HR range, but my speed was down a little bit compared to my first lap.  I was able to stay on the prescribed nutrition plan, but the heat made me feel like I was not getting enough fuel.  So I increased my solid nutrition a bit to try and make me feel a little bit better.

While on the way back to the trailhead on the second loop I passed a Pizza Hut with a cycling team all set up in it. Turns out they were doing a fundraiser car wash.  Couldn't quite figure what was going as I saw them.  Big team though.  Still not sure who they are:

The Paragon worked great (as usual) and Chapel Hill was fun to ride - just as it always is!

As I rolled back to the Wellness Center a little before 15:00 I turned my basal rate back to normal. 

Ride end was 14:49, and my BG was a 193.  The feeling of bonking was just that.  So I got a little ahead of myself on the nutrition, but not too shabby.

Good effort today.  4k+ of vertical, 6K calories.  70 miles.  All in all.. pretty good. 

Have less then 2 weeks until the 18 Hours of Scouts Hours in VA.  This was the last long training day until then. 

Gotta say (again.... I know) that Chris Newport is a GENIUS!!  My nutrition has been just perfect (except when I try to over think it like today LOL). 

BG was a little (well ok, more than a little) off at a 51 when I went to bed at 23:11.  At the time I tweeted: 51 - 23:11 some simple Cs + post ride over nite temp basal of 75%. Sometimes I'm better at thinking/acting like a pancreas than others.  

True. So true.  Turned out ok though! ;)