July 18, 2010

Ride Hours: 05:02

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 37.42 units
Meal: 6.55u
Corr: 6.70u
Basal: 24.17u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 143g

Hottest day of the year here.  Heat index upwards of 107, and air temp right around 99 degrees.  Crazy.

So it goes with out saying that my available ride window today was from 14:30-19:30.  Of course...  :)

Set a temp basal rate of 60% right around 13:15 in prep for the mountain bike ride.  (Was sscheduled to be on the road, but with the temps and the 100% chance of T-Storms I thought the woods might be a bit better). 

I brought both the Superfly SS and the Paragon, and was planning on making two 2.5hr loops around the usual haunts in Chapel Hill depending on the weather.  If the rains came early, I would be forced to abandon that plan and hit the customary Marcee & Tony Rain Loop.  First hours on the Single Speed, and then switch to the geared at the halfway point.

Setup my waterbottles and nutrition (just a note: who knew a nutrition bar could melt to liquid if left in the car in this heat?  Anyone?) and got rolling right on the numbers at 14:30.  BG was spot on at 126 (BTW - my target during riding is 150, and it is 100 otherwise).

About an hour into the ride I was behind on my nutrition due to the heat.  I just didn't feel like taking anything in but water.  I do mix my bottles with 2tbls of Maltodextrin and 2 Nuun tablets per 20oz bottle, and I was staying on the 1 bottle per hour rate though. At this point I took a shot, and lowered my temp rate to a 85% reduction.  Figured my desire to eat would stay low the entire ride, and was trying to think a couple of hours ahead.

Got the first loop done right on time, and was back at the UNC Wellness Center to reload at the 2.5hr mark. Switched to the Paragon, grabbed the rest of my stuff, and headed out for the next 1/2.  Then the fun started.

As I headed back up the hill into Chapel Hill I could see a specific well defined line of dark clouds moving in fast.  As I was getting closer to the storm, the temp began to rapidly drop.  SWEET.

Was about 1/2 mile from the trail head when the skies opened up.  Fierce and hard.  I heard a horn beep, and I waw my buddy Steve Gissekman.  I figured he was laughing his butt of seeing my riding in the down pour from the dry interior of his vehicle.

When I hit the dirst, I stayed off the single track and on the fire roads as I made my way through the woods.  Road was awash in water from the rain.  It was fantastic!

When I popped out of the woods I was still in need of 30 minutes of riding before heading back.  Since everything was wet I figured I would cycle through Forest Theater on the way back to the deck.

All the rain wash had made the 5 rock strewn creek crossings into quite deep rivers.  The rocks were invisible, so I was crossing them by memory.

First 4, no problem.

The last one - problem.  I road across a quite large invisible (submerged) rock, and it rolled.  I rolled with it.  After landing on a slew of "soft" rocks (no such thing) I ended up laying in about 3 feet of water.

This lead to my newest discovery - The Fisher Paragon does not float.  LOL!

My pump was fine, and the ziplock back containing my other sensitive electronic equipment was all ok.

Finished the ride right at 5 hours.  Perfect.  :)  BG was at 112, so the earlier basal rate adjustment was spot on for the pace of nutrition intake.

I did bolus 4u at the end of the ride in preparation of the anticipated post ride BG whip.

When I got home I pulled the cranks off the bike to help it drain, and hung it up to let it dry.  I see some major maintenance time ahead.  :)

Set a standard post ride overnite temp basal of 80%.

More rain in the forecast for the week.  Probably walk the creek crossings next time.