July 8, 2010

Ride Hours: 03:10

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 38.07 units
Meal: 9.40u
Corr: 6.59u
Basal: 22.08u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 139g

While on vacation with the family in PA, I was able to sneak out and get some good training rides in.  I was staying near Milford and got to ride out Rt 6 to Lake Wallenpaupack today.  Although not as mountainous as western NC, the area has some scenic and very large rolling terrain.  Route 6 is a declared PA bike route, and the section I road had very large 6 foot wide shoulders on each side just for biking (Did you read that NC DOT?).

I mentioned sneak out... I left the house at 07:15 after getting up to the alarm at 06:15.  If you know me very well, you must think I'm lying.  I wish.

I left Milford and headed West towards the lake.  Things were very quiet, and the air was nice and cool (read low humidity).  Just a perfect morning for a ride.  The big trees and large hills made wearing sunglasses not at all required at that time in the morning. 

There were some larger climbs along the route, and a continous band of medium sized rollers.  Made it fun and challenging.

Passed a large number of scenes such as:

Along the way.

The lake appeared much quicker than I thought is was going to, so I spent some time riding around the lake to the dam.  People and motorists were very polite, and most waved or said good morning as I went by.  A wee bit different then I am used to at home.

Turned back and headed back to the house along the same route.

I stayed on a very consistent water and nutrition intake rate.  BGs were great for the whole ride, and I felt very good.  I was about 30 minutes from the end of the ride when I set my basal rate back to normal.

By the time I got back in the driveway, I had put in about 45+ miles with just under 5k of vert. 

I tested at a 114 and then bolused 3.5u to prevent the post ride BG whip.

Later in the afternoon we all went to a water park that had a go kart track. The boys spent HOURS in the cars getting driven around by K and I and other family members.

Just a terrific and relaxing fun day.