July 14, 2010

Ride Hours: 02:34

Insulin Delivery Summary:

Daily Total: 42.25 units
Meal: 16.70u
Corr: 3.00u
Basal: 22.55u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 219g

After work I was able to get out and meet my good friend Greg Smith from the Tricyclists Bicycle Racing Club.  This would be some type of record as I would actully being riding my road bike for the second day in a row.  :)

At 16:36 as I traveled to the appointed rendezvous location (The UNC Wellness Center) I set a pre-ride temp basal rate of a 70% reduction.  Greg was running a little behind, so I headed out by myself at 17:35 to meet him in town.

I warmed up, and did a few laps of the old Meadowmont Crit Course, before heading up to me him.  I was feeling a little odd, so I stopped back at the car and did a quick BG check.  Yup a little low at 51.  Hmmm.... My twitter post of the BG was:

"Well, this is the ugly. Temp basal currently 85% reduct. Ride start in 26mins. Taking in Cs & crossing fingers. Damn."

Was able to catch up with Greg in downtown Chapel Hill by 18:15, and we headed out into the "country" to do the road ride.  I was still feeling the affects of the hill work I did yesterday, and warned Mr. Smith that he wouldn't need to swing to hard to hurt me.

As is usual, I had a great time.  Greg knows a TON and we leave the testosterone at home when we ride together. 

BG was able to recover during the ride, and I was able to hang in there ok.  Not setting the world on fire, but...

During the ride I dropped my wheel off the pavement onto the grass and gravel.  This was too funny, and it was noted that I was probably freaking out riding on the paved road. 

About 30 minutes before I arrived back at the truck, I set my basal rate back to normal.

I was at an OK BG of 117 when I arrived back at the car, and I did bolus 3.25u to prevent the typical post ride BG whip.

When I arrived home our friend Lou from Austin, TX was waiting.  He was in town for a business trip, and was gracious enough to come by for a visit.  Thanks LD!!

Set the standard post ride over night temp basal to 75%.