June 4, 2010

Just received delivery of the first order of the 2010 products from the Type1Rider Store. Officially open for business!

As I have stated earlier this year, I have never worked with a coach before. I thought I would try it out this season and see if the structured workouts (as opposed to riding around until I was tired/bored) would be beneficial. Well, duh, of COURSE they are. I have been feeling very physically prepared come race day, and am able to attack courses with confidence.

I would highly recommend Chris Eatough Coaching if you are looking to improve your fitness and be better prepared for all aspects of mountain bike racing. I don't know how he finds the time to do it, but Chris designs a custom program each month based upon my schedule. If I am busy, traveling, have birthday parties for the boys, etc, he always figures that into the workouts. I am completely sold. (And just for the record, I pay Chris the same as everyone else does). I just think his coaching is top notch.

Was going to try and hit the mountains tomorrow for some riding, but commitments have me saving the 4 hour round trip travel time and riding somewhere else instead. I have about 10 weeks with no scheduled races coming up starting in the end of June, so I will be able to make time to travel to western NC then.

But first things first... sunrise 4.5 hour training ride...

Good luck to all of the folks participating in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure this weekend. Have a great ride!! Sorry I will be missing it this year.

Time for SLEEP!! Out...