June 14, 2010

48 hours post race, and I'm still not back to myself. Stomach still isn't right, but getting better. Headache finally went away at work today (go figure).

I just don't feel like moving though. At all.

That over heating incident hit me a lot harder then I first thought. Hopefully in the next day or two I can get back to normal. I hope.

For now rest and some xbox in the air conditioning is in order.

I was scheduled to start on Symlin today, but given the fact I'm not quite right I decieded to wait. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how I'm feeling.

I am a little, um, what's the word.... nervous (I guess) about the new addition to the diabetes therapy. My BGs have been great, and race nutrition is nailed down tight. What I am hoping for is the ability to use less insulin, and, in turn, drop a handful of lb's.

As usual I'll keep posting about how it is going - the good, the bad, and the possibly ugly of course.

Also waiting on the paperwork to get processed for my insurance to cover my Navigator sensors. I REALLY want to be able to use this tool on race and training days, so I have my fingers crossed. Should know something in a week or two... possibly.

Matt Lee WAY out front in the Tour Divide, and Cricket Butler is hammering away as well. Keep rockin' it you two!!! Amazing work!!!!

Also wanted to give big props to Ernesto Marenchin for winning the Big Bear 2x12 this past weekend. Ernesto is a great guy, trains like a mad man, and is hella fast. He broke his leg at this venue last year, and finished out front this year. Congrats on a long deserved victory!!!

It's been an unbelievably bizarre race season. I have trained harder, and concentrated on my diet and nutrition more these past 8 months than I ever had. Thanks to the help from Chris Newport and Chris Eatough I feel faster and more in control than I could have ever imagined.

But... the race results just have come through as I have expected due to unusual and unplanned circumstances. Infusion set pull out and no spare, monsoon and tornado warnings, tragic loss of a dear friend, heat stroke.... you name it.

Sometimes it goes like that whether you are dealing with life, racing, or diabetes control. What's critically important is to continue to stay focused and flexible, and try to learn what you can from each "weird" event. Take that knowledge and use it as an advantage the next time your encounter a similar situation.

Control what you can. Be ready to deal with which you cannot. As I mentioned... diabetes and mountain bike racing is the same in that regard.

I do however have an 8 week break until my next race, so I plan on doing a little cross training, trying to find an oppurtunity to go on a date (or two even), and getting some over due things done around the house. I need a little down time I think.....

Lots going on though as is usual.... just couldn't have it any other way.

Just keep choppin'.

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