May 22, 2010

Ride Hours: 03:03

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 42.84 units
Meal: 14.25u
Corr: 5.75u
Basal: 22.84u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 222g

Today was a full day.

It was overcast, and there was a threat of thunderstorms through out the day.

After breakfast we went to watch my oldest play his soccer game, and it was AWESOME!  He played great and scored 2 goals (I mean, not that we keep score or anything).   I was so incredibly proud of him!!  He was just SO into playing the game, running down the ball, taking shots on goal, and blocking shots.  Just a joy to watch him... rendered me speechless.

Around 15:30 I lowered my basal rate to a 70% reduction and prepared my Superfly Single Speed for a 3hr training ride at 16:30.

I drove over to the UNC Wellness Center ready to go.  Pulled the bike off the car, loaded my nutrition in my pockets, and....  BAM!  The skies opened up.

For a few seconds I had the thought sprint through my head of just heading home, but that was quickly replaced with the idea that it might not be raining at the trails and they would be empty.  Plus I needed to get the time in.

I road through sheets of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning strikes for about 20 minutes as I completed one loop of me and Marcee's 'ole rain loop (missed you today T2), the rain tapered off.

As I expected the trail system hadn't been rained on yet, so I was able to finish the next 60 minutes or so drying off.  As I neared the trail head to get back on the road for return trip I passed this sign nailed to a tree:

As my front tire touch the tarmac, the rain began pouring down again.  It continued until late this evening.

Got the basal rate back to normal about 30 minutes from the car.  Once I stopped riding I gave myself a 3u bolus just to prevent the post ride BG increase whip.


How true.