May 13, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:57

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 37.13 units
Meal: 14.00u
Corr: 0.00u
Basal: 23.13u
Daily Carb Intake

Bolused For: 208g

The delivery summary data yields some pretty easy math.  You have to love a day with no correction boluses, eh?

Went to Trek Raleigh today at lunch to drop the Superfly off for some fork maintenance, and to pick up my 29er Crew jerseys I ordered.  I will get these to WinSkins tomorrow so they work on getting my sponsor logos on them.  It should look hot when it is all done.  I will post some pics as soon as I can.  Big thanks to the team at 8Dot Graphics for getting all the formatting done.  Yup, I'm a pain.  But I love you guys!!

After work I hustled over to the UNC Wellness Center to head out for some road hill repeat work on the Paragon.  I ran into John and George and we discussed the ride yesterday and some goings on in the area.  It was great to meet John and Andy on the ride yesterday morning, and I hope to have a chance to ride with them again soon.

On the way over to the Wellness Center at 16:35, I set the basal rate on the pump to a 70% reduction.  Went with a slightly steeper rate of reduction based upon the difficulty of taking nutrition in when working at the rivet, which I imagined today would be.  I wasn't wrong.  :)

Although these rides are TOUGH these are my favorite types of training days.  I love the high volume of work load, and the feeling once complete.

The HR graph mostly follows the route. :)

Took just short of an hour to get through the repeat section of the workout, in which I went about 1750ft of vert.  It felt absolutely GREAT!!

I felt so good I went the hilly way home to be able to lay down a few more up hill sprints.

Make that curve and this hill really kicks up for a bit.

Was very satsified and spent when I got home.  Funny thing about hard workouts, once you enter the cool down (re-entry) it begins to hurt.  :)  Not to bad when in the middle of it, but boy... I needed to take about 10 minutes once I got back to the car before heading home.

BG at ride end was a 87 - not totally unexpected given the shortage of nutrition taken in during the harder efforts.

I did set the basal rate back to normal and bolus for 1.5u to correct the standard post ride BG upward swing.

I set a 15% basal reduction for my over nite post ride rate.

Just a good ride today....

Looking forward to the American Diabetes Association Spin-A-Thon at Gold's gym in Wilmington, NC on Saturday.  Should be a hoot!

Gotta run.....