May 28, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:15

Insulin Delivery Summary:

Daily Total: 37.43 units
Meal: 15.50u
Corr: 0.00u
Basal: 21.93u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 232g

Had the day off from work today to get a jump on getting organized for the 24 Hours of Burn which starts at noon tomorrow.   First thing was coffee and breakfast, and then a ride to complete the training for the week. 

I met up with my friend Karla at 10:45 to hit the trails for exactly 75 minutes (see Chris, I was listening.  LOL).  I had set my basal rate to a 60% reduction at 09:30 in preparation.   The ride was fun, and I think Karla has caught the 29er bug... having her ride the Superfly SS will have that effect.  :)

BG was 89 when we got done, and I took a 3.0u bolus to correct the normal BG post ride whip that happens. 

I went straight to meet an Abbott Navigator rep with Chris from Endurance NEWTrition for lunch.  We had a good meeting, and I got some software for loaded on the laptop to download my un-retired Navigator data.  I am trying to get some sensors covered through insurance so I can start using this tool again.  That story to be continued on another day... :)

After that I hit the grocery store to grab the things I needed for the race.  It wasn't until I got home and starting unpacking the items I purchased that it dawned on me....

I had picked up just the smallest number of emergency simple sugar items. In the past I have always noticed myself buying tons of emergency sugar supplies.  Not intentionally, but those items just appeared in my checkout bag.  Today, however, it represents < 10% of the total things I bought. 

I realized that for the first time EVER I have no subconscious fear of a hypo while racing this weekend. None. Not an once of worry.  Zip. Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.

I am completely and totally confident in my race nutrition, and fear free.  Fear free.  I'm speechless.  I know it sounds small and ridiculous to most, but to me it is beyond a major milestone. 
I was rendered speechless, and I just sat there and looked at the groceries I had purchased.  I was packing as a non diabetic.  So COOL!

A HUGE thanks to Chris Newport from Endurance NEWTrition for making that happen.  She has been working SO hard with me to make this happen.  Success!!!

Once the family got home I started packing the truck.  It seems I either have less stuff then normal, or I am better organized.  Either way.... I am all good to go.

Hopefully the sets of big thunderstorms blowing through the race site don't hang around to long tomorrow.  It seems lately I have just been racing in the rain.  

I REALLY appreciate all the well wishes, txt msg's, and calls I received today.  I am pretty prepared, and just need a little luck (and the red Specialized Epic riders to stay away from me) to have a positive day.

I will try to blog a bit before the race, and will TRY to have a support person upload BGs real time during the 24 hour event.  No promises on that though.  :)  

Have a great holiday weekend!