April 23, 2010

Long day gettting out here to the Cohutta 100, but it was not a bad trip. It's kinda late and we are rolling out of the house by 05:25, but I am struggling to get to sleep. No cell or WiFi service here in the mountains of TN, so I feel a little bit cut off.

BGs have been really good today. Running between 84-161. Not bad all things considering - antibiotics, traveling, eating on the road, etc.

Greg, George, and I made it to the race site around 15:15. I had lowered my basal rate to a 60% reduction at 14:45, as we were going to do a short 90 minute pre-ride soon after arrival.

Picked up our registration packet and dropped of our three 1 gallon aid station bags. There are six aid stations along the race route, approx 1 every 15 miles. You get three bags, and can choose which aid stations you would like them placed at. If it fits in a bag, you can have it. :) After studing the course and profile, I picked stations 2, 4, and 5.

George and I headed out on the bikes around 16:00, and road the start of the race and a little bit of the first stretch of singletrack before returning. The 3 mile 6% road climb that starts the event wasn't terrible, an we cruised the first 2 miles or so of singletrack. Hardpack, fast, and flowing.

Of course the rain coming in tonight and continuing into the morning will change that. :)

Found Marcee and followed her to the cabin all of us are staying at. Lots of cool people here. Fun to hang out with them for a while tonight.

I headed into town to find some cell service to call the boys. I saw SO many things today that they would be amazed at!! It made me really miss them. I took some photos so hopefully they will get a kick out of them.

I am apprehensive about tomorrow's race. It's a big mental challenge for me given what happened here in 2008, but physically I know I am ready. With a little luck, I can achieve my sub 10 hour and avg. BG of 140 goals. We'll see....

It takes a lot of sacrifice by my family to have me come here and compete, and a lot of people have put in a lot of time getting me prepared. I appreciate your time and efforts so much, and hopefully tomorrow will be a personal achievement to be shared.

Taking my basal rate to a 10% reduction until the alarm goes off in 6 hours. A little concerned about the possibility of running low given the day and the anxiousness about tomorrow.

100 miles with near 13k of vertical. What's the problem??? LOL!! Nite!!

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