December 3, 2009

I headed to Los Angles today (via RDU -> IAD -> LAX) for a meeting tomorrow in Northridge.

Flight to Dulles was pretty eventful, as the pilot went all "Top Gun" about 30 seconds before landing due to "debris" on the runway. Luckily the flight to LAX wasn't nearly as active. LOTS of snow on the Rocky Mountains btw. Looked great from the air. (Although I couldn't get a pic as I was on the isle seat).

Got to drive on the four - o - five during rush hour too. Traffic is as they claim... crazy! It was pretty cool to experience it though. I mean, I am glad I don't do it everyday.... but still neat to see.

Great day in LA, and I am very STOKED for tomorrow. 17th story room, and a Starbuck's in the lobby of the hotel makes everything perfect. :)