December 29, 2009

Daily Total: 47.10 Ride Hours: 02:14

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 18.05u
Corr: 4.05u
Basal: 25.00u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 288g

After work today I was able to get out in the Paragon for a bit over 2 hours. It was cold - really cold - and I was limited to double track and the wet rain repeat loop given all the precep we have been getting.

I lowered my pump to a 55% reduction at 15:45, which was about 60 minutes before ride time.

I got the UNC Wellness Center and got changed and ready to go. As I was getting on the bike, I checked the BG and was at a 54. I must have bolused too much for the bar I ate about 90 minutes earlier. Bummer.

Well, its a training ride, so I did a little experiment. I suspended my insulin delivery for 45 minutes, and did a Hammer gel. If I ride at a zone 2, I should see this rise over the next 45 minutes. Finger crossed.

Knew I couldn't go without the test kit, but was thinking about the cold air temps. I attached a foot warmer (the kind you use for skiing) to the kit carry case, and stuffed it in a jersey pocket under my jacket. I also layed the pump in the same pocket right next to it. This worked GREAT.

Took in another Hammer gel at the 30 minute mark.

Headed out and road for about 55 minutes before stopping to test. I was kinda surprised to see that I was still hovering in the low 50s. I turned off the insulin delivery again, and took in some peanut M&Ms (half a small bag).

Road for another 75 minutes or so, and could tell that the BG was rising as I road. When I was back at the car and finished up, my BG was at an 85. Not great for riding, but not a total fail either considering.

I turned the insulin delivery back on, and then amped my temp basal to a 175% rate for 90 minutes. I knew there would be a whip from the insulin delivery suspension along with the end of the ride.

2 hours later, I was humming along at 123. right on.

Decent base level ride:

Vertical Distance:
467.00 yd
Max HR:
176 BPM
Avg HR:
140 BPM
1,820 kCal

Will have the next couple of days off, so I should be able to get some ride time in. OUT!!!!

When I went to bed, I set a 80% temp basal for 6 hours which is pretty standard for an overnight post ride.